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    Pickup Truck board Transportation

    Probably going to buy a new tacoma with the crew cab on it tomorrow. Never owned a pickup before. With the full crew cab, the truck bed isn't huge. I am just planning on putting the little soft rack cover with the straps on the back door of the bed.

    My whole quiver is mostly short boards. My "longboard" is an 8 footer. I am thinking of getting a true, nice long board, something around 9'0 this fall. Has anyone had issues traveling on highways or long distances with the standard pickup surf rack on the back of the bed? Are they pretty secure? I know my 8 footer would probably lay down in the bed for short trips.

    Anyone have a tacoma or any other pickup with a similar setup? Any problems hauling a longer board long distances/highways etc?

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    i have an 02 chevy s10 LS. always throw board right in the bed and have not had a people so far drove to cali from Florida with boards in the back not one problem. would suggest a topper though.

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    I have the frontier crew cab. But the extended 6ft bed. Never had an issue- throw the short boards in the back - on long trips in a day bag- board bag. Long board out the back with a bungie across the inside. Check out the 'tonno pro' cover- it's sick and if your short board fits in the back diagonal you can lock up your stuff

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    Same color tonneau hard cover with lift-assist and lock =

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    Is the crew cab the one where the back doors are little half doors that open backwards? If so, that's what I drive and I have no problem with my 9'6".

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    i used to have a ram with stacks coming up through the bed and up the back of the cab. one day on my way home my board bag slid forwards and rested on the stacks. whelp it quickly melted through my board bag, completely destroyed on board and damaged another. moral of the story when you young don't pretend to be a redneck. it will F your S up.

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    In 82 I wanted a 4x4 for OBX beach cruising. I found a stripped down, brand new Jeep Scrambler. A 4 cylender pickem up truck. I tied 20' of 1 inch tow rope around the roll bar. I tie the tail of my board on that and the nose sat on the spare. I've had 2, 8' long boards my 7'2doyle, and a buddies 6 8. Never a wobble.