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Thread: Jacksonville

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    As locals here say just dont live over the ditch(the intercoastal) But all the other info is right on. Cool vibe can get decent waves and mostly nice people. Atlantic and Neptune are pretty local cuz of no public parking. But south Jax Beach is where i live and i really love it here.

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    Try to live near the Brix & Ritz...enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldenglish View Post
    Going to be moving there soon, looks like lots of crime. Any advice on areas to rent in before buying a house, specific places to stay away from, etc?

    Married with 2 dogs and no kids if that makes a difference. People on city-data seem pretty pessimistic but I tend to not take people serious if they consider tourist attractions like the Alamo and 6th street in austin as the positives for a great city to live in.

    Any input on living in this area?

    Any input appreciated.
    We moved to Jacksonville from the Houston/Galveston, TX area about 6 years. Married with two kids and we love it here. Houston's crime was way worse than it is here. Surf is way better than the upper TX coast too! Mid Aug. - December seem pretty consistant here.

    We rented first in Atlantic beach, east of A1A (other side seems sketchy). Then we bought a house across the ditch off Kernan. 10 minute drive to The poles, and 15 minutes to Jax Pier. If your looking for a place to stay, I'd say look between Kernan eastward, and between JTB(South) and Wonderwood(North). Kernan, Hodges, and San Pablo are the 3 main roads eastward, and all seem to have decent/nice neighborhoods.

    When are yall moving out here? PM me or reply back to this thread for more info.

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    pretty much mimic what everyone else has already said. stay the hell out of the 295 beltway, and south of Mayport.
    i live in 32224 (on the wrong side of the ditch) so my insurance is 1/2 of the beaches, mortgage is much cheaper and its <10 minutes to the pier and 15 to the poles. I wanted to live on the other side, but the cost was insane in atlantic beach/jax beach/neptune beach compared to 1/4 mile away in jacksonville proper
    Jax has a horrible reputation because the entire county(minus the beaches) is the city of Jacksonville. The "Urban core" is a hell hole but go east of Kernan/hodges, and you are in good shape. I steered away from the pier for about a year (grew up in va beach) and thought it had the same asshole vibe, and its actually pretty laid back. if you need anything else send me a PM

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    have fun surfing there ive been there and its pretty umm lets just say... imo ponte vedra and south is nice. st auggie is great might move there myself. ive been told that jax surfers have ego and are aggro but i havnt dealt with it.

    but heres what you get in jax

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    Great info. Looks like its definitely cheaper west of the intercostal water. Condos and apartments seem like less of a jump in price than houses. I don't mind surfing alone and try to find my own spots so I'm not concerned with surfing the pier. We were thinking of Houston before we decided to give up on Texas so it's good to hear that crime seems to be lower. We are moving in January it looks like. Thanks for the help

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    Good luck! PM if you need more info when you get here

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    Finishing my move this weekend. Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldenglish View Post
    Finishing my move this weekend. Thanks for the info.
    Welcome to sunny Florida! "Where the Bermuda Triangle Meets The 'Hood"

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldenglish View Post
    Finishing my move this weekend. Thanks for the info.
    Sorry that it's pretty much cold and flat for the next few days, but Welcome!