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    South Shore, MA

    Question I just need a longboard (New England)

    I'm getting sick of the flatness and borrowing friends boards. I just need a longboard! Anyone in MA/RI/NH that can help a brother out? I've been hunting on Craigslist but I really don't want a Bic if it can be helped. Also trying to keep it under $400. Thanks!

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    No way, brah! Get the retro fish like me! We can go to Truro or any break of your choosing and hi-five as we drop in on the same wave on the same kind of board. I've been finding scraps for days on that thing and about to go do it again right now!!!

    Please, my fellow Masshole braksi, do not go the way of the LB...
    Think of how much less room for activities there will be in your lair when you have to store that immense hunk of lumber.