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    Foamies question.. HELP!?

    I bought my girl a Maui and Son Foam board from Sams Club because she wants to learn to ride. I was thinking of painting it and putting a cool design on it for her. I heard that spray paint will eat thru foam tho. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to use or techniques? Here's a picture of the type of board it is.<br /><br />

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    My husband brought one home two summers ago even though I already had a great long board. To humor him, I unwrapped the cellophane off the board. Luckily not on carpet. Dirty water dribbled out,about 8 ounces. And the leash, if you can call it that was about 3' long and seemed to be made of twine! Back to SAMs it went.

    I would say forget about a design. Wax will cover it up anyway. She will have fun no matter what it looks like.

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    Colored sharpies will work but, yeah waxing them softies ain't like waxing fiberglass . what are you using a stencil or are your just that skilled?