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    first off, i've shaped my own boards (and many for friends) since i was 14. my first job was laminating/hotcoating/sanding at a glass shop. i have several family members who have done nothing else for most of they're adult life. so yes, im a little biased from that standpoint. but, arguing that 'someone else would have bought it' is a joke. feeling self-righteous because you helped the shop owner on the back-end is self-serving. you took a sh!t on US workers and are righteous because you wiped with US toilet paper? oh, way to hide behind your wife. the shop's profit margin is slim on boards anyhow. im willing to bet the guy makes his $ off t-shirts and other cool, surfer dude crap. i wouldn't give some shop stocked with GSI my $. who's side are you on. i bet anything that you wouldn't argue this crap at a domestic board company in person. your arguments suggest your a mindlessly consuming, save-a-buck cheap stake. besides, what does a SUP kook have to say about surfing anyhow? i can just see that forehead, strapon you wear flapping around right now! LOL sorry for the low blows, but like i said, who's side are you on? you a walmart manager?
    I support US workers and US made products.
    I asked if you were a shaper not out of sarcasm, but out of geniune interest ya d*ck, you can take your "low blows" and suck it. As for hiding behind my wife, I have done no such thing, just stating the fact so that the story is authentic. Look, i'm really proud of you for learning how to shape because others in your family have done so, way to be original btw.

    Hey listen, since your such a good shaper, think maybe I can buy one of your boards. Got a label any of us might know or regognize, who the F are you in other words, oh that's right, another back yard hack trying assume the identity of someone who actually matters. I'll put you right up there with Steve83 from South Carolina, who wears batwoman webbed gloves and can't catch a wave on his wooden banana boat he built with the inspiration of Roy Stuart himself.

    As for the SUP comment, I know plenty about surfing ya hack, I did it looooong before I got an SUP as a gift, yep, another gift, someone must think pretty highly of me. Glad we had this talk though, you seem super chill and would love to burn one with ya some time...
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