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You have a point, any person in business for themselves will try and make things sound good for the consumers, but I thought he was very honest about his approach, and I found nothing wrong with it.

Lastly, I never said i'm "strongly in favor of buying GSI", I only said that I own ONE, and it's a great board. See, I own and ride 4 different boards, Two of those are hand shaped by Mike Daniel right here in FL, the good ole US of A, one of them is a McTavish by way of GIS (would love to hear what you think about Mr. McTavish too), and the other is an SUP that was shaped / built in Texas, by another LOCAL company / shaper. So 3 out of 4 of my boards are products of the local shaper / business model, while only 1 of my boards is a GIS product.

Now what?
i'll have to say good man. 3 outta 4. im proud of you. honestly.

mike daniels is the sh!t. love his work. Mctavish, yawn, who cares about him. GSI commonwealther. and Texas, well, i don't mess with Texas. it might be natures prison, but the surfers are pretty damn cool.

now go burn your GSI board.