Hi all
I'm a short time lurker just wanted to say hello. I recently took up surfing and have gotten some lessons and done some board rentals this summer. I don't yet have a board but would like to get one soon. I'm tall and thin (6 foot and 150 lbs) and not yet sure what type of longboard I need. Most of my surfing has been done on 9, 11 or 12 foot softops but they chafe my legs pretty damn bad when sitting up on them. And I've rented some 11 foot hard tops that didnt chafe but left me bruised to hell (lower ribs and front hip bones) Hopefully I'll toughen up or learn to lay on the board w/o getting so beat up.
I've been told to get a flat rockered, long, thick, wide board for Texas waves. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks