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    Sweet solution..... What you guys think?!

    Ran across this blog just posted today and found it pretty interesting!

    I think it could really work with a little tweeking here and there.

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    Good one for all the learn and understand. The wave hogs are just as much kooks as the ones just beginning.

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    Like the article was saying..... I think it would really be a more peaceful, enjoyable surf session.

    There is the other side of the coin to though.... there are days where I want to compete and really surf aggressively and try to out do my tidal neighbor. Course I guess it could be arranged to just work like a regular contest with priority.

    Overall though I think it was a really cool idea and whoever wrote that blog or came up with the idea really put a lot of thought into it and covered pretty much every angle.

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    It would never work, sorry. All it would take is for one guy to be slotted for a close out and pass thinking he was still up and it all falls apart. During the confusion everyone would start scrambling so waves weren't wasted and it's done. Makes no sense for someone who knows what he's doing to back off for someone who can barely get to their feet.

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    Yeah I really don't think this would work to well. I can't imagine seeing guys let amazing waves pass them by because it's not "their turn".

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    Maybe it would better at some of the top spots for instance like Pipe or Teahupoo where most that surf there are experienced and the waves that come through are a little more consistent.