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    Austin's longboard glass schedule is ultra heavy. I can't remember exactly what mine is but 8&6 on top with a 4 or 6 oz deck patch and 8&2 on the bottom sounds right. The 2 oz on the bottom is there for filler because the hot coat is pretty thick due to the laps. Austin said its a lot less likely to crack if the board flexes a lot after getting drilled by a big wave...or something like that.

    Are you going to have him do any cool resin work?

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    I would stick with clear on a nice triple stringer with wood block... but I've seen some nice tints, too. Personally, I like clear. I would glass it 2x6 deck with 3/4 deck patch, single 6 bottom with diamond patch over fin box.
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    Thank God there are still people on this site who provide actual knowledge in a clear, concise manner. I am tired of all the mentally ill, attention seeking posting that is rampant lately.

    BTW Lee, board looks nice, good call getting Austin to glass it - it will last.