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    Island of Montserrat Surf Camp!

    Hi guys!

    Well after many years, my brother and I have decided to let the secret out! Check out our website: and please share it with your friends. This is a great opportunity for those wanting to score waves by themselves, and explore an island which has much adventure hidden away.

    Thank you,

    Brothers Carrll & Gary Robilotta
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    Interesting. How consistent is the surf there? And is that volcano still going off?

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    Hi, Thanks for asking about the surf. It's like anywhere else really, but the longer you stay, the more chance you'll have of scoring waves. The winter swells run from November to April, kinda like Hawaii. You'll always have surf on the Atlantic side (East), wnidy but no one out. The volcano has beem quiet since 2010. Apart from the surf, Montserrat is just a very cool place, like no other.

    Regards, Gary