try not paddling out right next to a group of guys or a spot that you know and everyone else knows is going to be crowded (for ocmd standards). there are alot of places to go. of course locals will drop in on you. you dont hear these complaints during the winter when its cold, miserable and there are only a handful of guys out in the whole town. as far as kcoast, the guys have been nothing but good to most people (fletcher, hairball, chad ect).

maybe if you are driving down to get waves try somewhere that has no crowd. it isnt like oc has one spot that you have to be. there is not one break that is so much better than every other.

you should have to spend a little time freezing your sack off and having your face burnt by the winter winds to even surf in town. that is why people get pissed when it warms up and now everyone is a surfer. and everyone has a sob story about how they drove down to the ocean and a mean surfer dropped in on them. and if you are a local and you got dropped in on then i am sorry and it is something that happens when you live on the redneck riveria.

and last but not least everyone should go directly to 48th street it is the best break in town.