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Thread: K Coast Guys

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    I don't care how good you THINK you are, if everyone followed the basics of wave priority you wouldn't have all these hard feelings. Give and get.

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    Zippy, that guy up in the board room's name is Kevin Cranfield. He isn't working for us anymore but out in the water he is a fo real ripper. Longtime sponsor of Ripcurl, and comin straight outa Cali he knows his stuff. He's one of the more respected surfers out there. But you shouldnt judge a book by its cover. Other big names to come outa Kcoast being, "Chad", "Hairball", Eric simmons those guys all know their stuff, and are nothing but respectful in the water hoping to get that respect right back

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    I'm not sure this is true. let say you are out and the waves are fun and then another guy shows up. you're both in the line up and a nice set rolls in. he he priority so you don't hassle the wave. he paddles and fails miserably. this same scenario happens a few more times. what do you do? I'd say at this point, drop ins are permitted.

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    ya i would

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    yeah i agree, i would drop in as well, or at least call out your direction

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    i agree with austin, call out a direction if ur in that position on a peaky wave. i simply dont care, if i see some1 paddling i just let them go, there will be plenty of waves to come.

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    Austin, yeah I never asked his name or saw him surf. I never doubted his ability in the water, just his sales methods were a bit annoying. I was used to a layed back approach when I would come in and he had a hard sell attitude. He even forced me to buy a wetsuit offline because he refused to call for a price on a hyperflex that you didnt carry but he swore was twice as much as a ripcurl I was looking at. I doubted that, and found it online, and since I needed it I bought it, mostly because I didnt want to come back in and be told I was a dope for wanting the hyperflex and be hard sold on something you had on the rack. I tried to come back a few times and he was on me faster than I could believe. K-Coast was the first store that I went into when I moved down here (the little store) and is still my favorite .
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    shop at Ocean Atlantic. I must say that yes i did see a lot of people dropping in on each other on 8th st last week and was thinkin that thats whack and why they're all surfing in the same spot?Well a buddy and I (hes a stand-up) went down one jetty and got all the waves we wanted. Then I noticed- they were all groms!! haha let'em shred each other up

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    being a sponger from md i have alot of respect for the k-coast team and what they do, however wen i was up in oc last week on the 14th my bro needed to rent a suit and they said it would start at $85 just to rent a spring suit for the day!!!!...are the prices always like this!?.....

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    sounds like that was the starting price to BUY a wet suit not rent it.