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are u kidding me... hahaha. K coast Represent, hahaha... losers. U live in maryland guys. Thats funny that u have a gang of punk surfers that all surf and are punks together, it sounds like a really lame movie. Like the outsiders on surf. Really though, every time i have surfed ocean city everyone there has been HORRIBLE!!!!! even the kids i could tell thought were hot **** were just really bad, there is for real like an aura of horrible surfers coming out of OC though, and everytime someone comes up for surf there, the returning talk is always about how crazy it is that less than 100 miles from VB, there is another surf town, and the level of surfing there is about 4 years behind. So ya, thats an outsiders opinion of OC, so go take out your anger on a closeout section, and then you will finally be puttin some power in those hits
Seriously...so much trash talk from a kid I've never even heared of. Keep your opinions to yourself and for the sake of everyone that surfs OCMD, STAY AWAY FROM OUR BEACH!! YOU ARE NOT WANTED!