I hated it at first but now I'm actually looking forward to it. Summer is here and the large swells are gone. However the crowds are huge, for whatever reason, on a wave that is not even that great. The spot is plagued with large deep holes that make waves not want to break and rarely are they ever hollow.

Does anyone else think that this spot will improve from replenishment? The only times wave jack up and break top to bottom are on the overhead+ swells that break on the bar outside the jetty. Anything smaller than that and it is just not good. High tide can be down right unsurfable. I went on on a chest high day earlier this summer. Chest high swells rolling in, look like they are going to break, then just die out. Chest high going right over the holes breaking in the 5 inch deep water.
Sometimes the wave is so mellow you can't even catch it until it is breaking on top of you and you just gotta hope for the best.

Wanted to hear others opinions on this spot. Though replenishment kills the breaks, after a year or so of good storms the bars are just deep enough to be surfable without breaking boards in most spots.