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    LOL, I love reading these threads ... thanks everyone for the tips though, it definitely helps. I have to say, the main thing so far that has deterred me from OCMD is the $20 toll across the CBBT ... it's often a lot easier to just head south to Hatteras for the same drive-time. That being said, my mind still ponders what's up north, especially when the swell forecast seems a bit better.

    I definitely feel better informed
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    I was at Assateague a few weeks ago. The waves were 3-5 but the sandbar or whatever completely blew. I'm from VB and and am connoisseur of windswell and was appalled that so much size could have such terrible form and power. Absolutely no walls! Assateague is a beautiful place with no crowds but the surf (at least that day) is several notches below VB, which I did not think was possible. I will not be returning unless it's for a relaxing beach day with ladies and beer.

    Rather make the drive to VB.
    Yah, listen to DC-plated ripshreddah m.r.gnar for sure, go to VB. AI blows. Really. South is the word.