Howzit buggahs?!?! No serious on the wetty help. It's thing to do round here so figure I'd jump on the movement.

Anyways, who's lookin to score this weekend? Saw the country buoys down in the Gulf may have a lil action from the air off the Mexi coast. Up here in So. New England we could get blessed for once with some swell on Sat/Sun. Jerz buoys, well dem buoys got lots more to worry bout than no stoke. God bless em. OBX braddahs be spoiled but we hope those barrier island buoys get theirs too. VA beech brahs seem more saline than the water of late; let's hope they get frothed too.

Not countin ma chix befo they give da birt, but mos def stoked to be more stoked. Was launching some single-turn rides tonight on the mushi mushi footers and jonesin to feel so fly on a 4-foot this weekend at [censored by brahs that want keep secret breaky] when I paddle deez nutz off in everything I can find!!!!

Shoots den buoys!!!