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    Any breaks in Corolla, NC?

    We're staying in Corolla for a week at the end of next month. Not my choice, we usually stay in Rodanthe area, but the wife picked the house this year with friends. I consider it South Sandbridge, so never really went there much over the years. Too close to home as a crow flies, but too long to get to by car. Any place better to surf than whatever street I happen to be on in Corolla? I know I can go down to Duck and try the pier, but haven't surfed there in many years either. Can you even park near it anymore?

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    theirs never breaks in NC brahhh..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseyplayerforever View Post
    theirs never breaks in NC brahhh..
    Well, 23 foot A-frames are hard to come by outside of Jersey. I just mean little wave breaks under 8 feet. You know, the kind you wouldn't even bother surfing.

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    Tip: When you go, go EARLY. You don't want to be on the road to duck after 9am'ish. Backed up all the way to the bypass and then some.

    I stayed north of duck last month and there were a few breaks here and there all along the beach. Nothing looked exceptional but there did seem to be many decent sandbars dotting the beach. Hit the sand, look north/south for spots where the beach bumps out and make the trek to see what you find.

    Good luck, hope you score a few.

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    I have surfed Corolla, and it can be decent. I can't remember any specific break.

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    No breaks per say... in front of Corolla Village is normally pretty solid

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    I used to have access to a 3 story condo off C street on Sand Bucket arch for 3 or 4 years. I loved that place. I got my only surf this year at the beach access in Sanderling. every place else was flat. Moose is right about getting there early. we used to leave 11pm on friday. of course we were in a piece o' crap mobile so we were the traffic. There seemed to be waves every weekend.

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    In front of the sanderling wasn't too bad last month. Looked like there were similar spots up towards corolla too. Walk the beach at high tide and look for the shallower spots to give you a few options for lowish tides.

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    Bonito st. Monterey shores

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    Dude, there is no solid reliable spot in Corolla. Pray wherever you are staying has a solid sandbar. Hey it could work out.

    I lived there for a spell, and spent much time there before that. I got pretty lucky. I explored the area, and my hood actually had the best waves for awhile there. Ocean Sands - Section H, I, J........check it out. Park in the tennis court parking lot if it's good. Cops don't go into these neighborhoods unless they are called but there is a security gaurd that does the rounds. Some old, angry guy back when I was there. But I doubt they would hassle anybody parking in the lot.

    I forget the name of the street, but the street at the southern end of the Food Lion complex, right where The Tomato Patch is at.........used to be ok. The beach in front of the Lighthouse can be ok........Maybe check the first public beach access directly south of Corolla. Longshot........but who knows.

    But Corolla is awesome, man, especially if you're high. Make sure you go to The Corolla Chapel and that old village thang. I know it's a church, but you can live out all of your Little House on the Prarie, one room schoolhouse fantasies there. Totally twitchen.

    Cosmos for pizza. Get drunk and hassle people at Timbuk II. Plenty of eastern european chicks at The Tomato Patch. Hassle the "locals" there, too. They all think they are cool because they moved there from Pittsburgh or Falls Church, VA a year ago. They're all JOE SURF and JOE OUTERBANKS LOCAL. Sundogs if you want to watch baseball. Might be some "cool locals" in Sundogs, too. Watch out for the Jersey tourists. And the New Yorkers.

    Basically, Corolla kind of sucks when you're sober. But it's great when you ain't. OH, watch out for Ohioians.