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    from south Carolina to cali. trip experiences

    hey yall i might have to do a tour in afganistan and if that does become the case i would love to go and surf i mean i know its summer and all that but who knows when i might surf again. plus i think it would be a awesome trip. any suggestions as to where to go.

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    Jun 2013
    go to trestles. military camping right on the beach. you can hit the water with a rock from your tent. beware of the skunks though. that place has tons of them. if the crowds bug you go the south end of the base to the north side of oceanside harbor. del mar jetty.

    get a MAC flight out there for 30-50 bucks, free maybe. too easy

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    Hammonton, NJ
    Aww man........

    Yo, I hope you don't have to go to that God-awful place. And youse guys think New Jersey is bad.........

    If you do, be safe and be wary. Don't go being no hero and put yourself in sketchy situations. What's done is done over there. So play it safe. Make sure you and your comrades come back in tact. As I said, what's done is done over there. Nothing's going to change. So make your saftey the priority.

    Ummmm, if you ever get the urge, you could bring back some, ummmm, agricultural products from there, and give them to me, ok. Thanks, dude. Some hash and raw opium would be great. We'll start our own corner in Camden.

    Good luck, man