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But the fact remains that we won't know until after a couple of storms. Long Branch and MB are two of the most popular surfing spots right now. Both have faced heavy replenishment in the past few years.
You really don't know the history of the beach fill projects. MB and Lb had some awesome breaks before sand replenishment started in the mid 90s. I don't know if you lived here or surfed then but the beach fill pretty much destroyed them for many many years. If you think 7 Presidents broke good compared to pre beach fill I'm sorry you missed it when it was actually a real wave. Yes some are breaking good now again but it literally took a 100 year storm to reverse what the ACOE did. These breaks will be buried once again and many unsurfable for YEARS to come
When they came through and filled Asbury to Manasquan the same thing happened. Some spots did start to break after several storms but many were ruined for good. If you never surfed the South side of OG pier for instance. It used to break from in front of the pier right to the corner where the boardwalk turns. They filled the sand almost to the end of the pier and the entire spot became dry sand.
Also- loch Arbour never experienced beach filling. It has always been a more mellow wave anyway
Beach fill is truly a waste of taxpayer money and ruins surfing and fishing after it comes through
Don't even get me started on the jetty nothing which is a completely other fiasco.