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Ho braddah man!!! My posts been truncated by miles fo da last few weeks! Way mo easy on da eyes!

No 13 footers under these footies. Maybe half dat length at most!! Rockin da 5-10s now!!! Neva go mo den 7 somethin eva!!!! Longboard = wrongboard!!!

BTW...tanks fo da service brah!!!
thanks man i aprish that and all the others that serve as well. i was just bustin your balls and size doesnt matter i ride from a 5,8 to a 9,6 gotta have a quiver you know, you can surf a 6,4 on a two foot wave but having a longboard on a two foot wave is just amazing compared to that shortboard. its two different ways of surfing and i mean shedding with a long board is great but the is best dropping huge waves you have to cut in so hard its like a damn school bus and hard to correct to if you jack up but dont just surf shorts you know, dont get pulled into that shorter the better thing ya know, not saying you are. its a really good thing to have that much stoke you know what i mean? i mean you stokness motivates me to be more stoked lol.