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Ho brah, there's plenty of room here in the EMass lineups so even if we let you clowns takeoff there would still be room for us.

What's "taking a dumb"?? Please explain, as it sounds like something you're experienced in based on the sounds of it. Autocorrect and non-drafted spelling errors aside, yours are very habitual indicating illiteracy. Also a word to the wise, when you gear up to throw a jab, you best have shadow boxed and repped that jab many times so it's clean and powerful when you go to land it in the fight. Your sad excuse for skills are sloppy and that's why you get owned in the first minute and tap out or get TKO'd via referee stoppage.

No Prius in my fleet, brah. I'd drive over your Kia (or tandem moped bound for Aspen) in one of the whips and outrun it in 2nd gear in the other. I'll spare you the firing back with an NJshred "look at my modded hot rod" and inform you that the two whips in question are from the early 2000s and late 90's, respectively, and are paid off, well-maintained (by me) vehicles.

BTW...you tapped out in the cage in the first round last night brah. You don't get another title shot. You're holding up frozen tubesteaks to help recede the swelling from your virtual raccoon eyes while you also nurse the verbal shoulder joint of that I ripped apart. Go home. Are you too good for your home?

Here we go with another failure of a one-liner that airballs from layup distance courtesy of yet another member of the prestigious DENSA. I guess we should all have the courtesy to let lad with the self-control disorder blurt out random word salad and flashbacks from the early stages from when he once was a child. He still is, but he once was too.
im sorry dump, and i mean woo a kai i just **** my pants...buy american at least or man up and buy a honda? im just testing your keyboard endurance and it seems you never quit and never will so who am i to kill weird fetish for kias/ mopeds and imaginary fights? carry on