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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Let's take a look:

    From 7/22

    From 7/18

    From 7/18

    Yes, you tried to qualify your last one as non-aggro and I invited that apology by my initial response to it which was laid back and comical and not firing back at you. Yes, you did drop comedy with the book suggestion and I do like the quality of some of your other posts I see.
    You got me dude.

    Yes, I posted "Who the **** is EmassSpicoli?" in the "Emass: Most Prolific Poster" thread. Do you not find any dry humor in that? If not, you need to go drink a beer or something. Even so, that statement isn't really ripping you at all.

    Yes, I said "Says the 31 year old grom," but you're missing the last half of my post. Don't worry dude, I actually took the time to find that post for you:
    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    Says the 31 year old grom.

    Sorry dude. I couldn't resist.
    I posted this after you said this:
    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Says the guy from Maine.

    Bruddah buoy, you windexing the walls in that glass house of yours? Howzit in the left lane going 50 in a 65mph zone mate??
    The guy from Maine said this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Atom View Post
    jerseyplayer has just affirmed every single stereotype about his home state. I love this thread.
    Just like a dude who just cut you off, I said I was sorry. My post was the first thing that popped in my head after this innocent dude from Maine made a small post on the "help with frontside air reverse air thread." I haven't seen him post since. I don't blame him after your bull**** post, which is somewhat why I even posted that to begin with. I felt bad for the new dude who has only posted 9 times.

    Last, but not least, is the "lesson" post. Yes, I told you that PJB would give you a lesson on how to use a leash. This was after you said this:
    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    And if that don't learn you good, Ima call in my ace PB&J to give you a lil "lesson" in how to get in and out of your wetsuit. That rubber won't soon have troubles fitting tightly after that.
    Who the **** even says **** like this. That is all.

    I'm sorry to everyone on here that had to read this. If you did read this, go out and have a beer on me. You deserve it!

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    dlrouen - I think someone said they had many kegs of beer covered for Clemmy's Thanksgiving in a few months so a keg can be sponsored for this thread in particular. If there are those that RSVP that they can't make it, we will pour out 40oz for them. Should take care of it.

    'Learn you good' is an old geezer/hick thing to say. You should know by now I and others on here speak in several characters at times.

    As for the ME guy, c'mon, the hazing/initiation/ball breaking that occurs is intense. I know that and you know that. He opened the can of worms and my response was fairly factual if you've ever driven on Route 95 behind a Maine plate. He knows that too. If that drove him away then he wouldn't have lasted through another response from any one of a number of nutballs here.

    The beer thing should smooth over a lot though. We should probably keep kegs on tap 24/7 here just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    I've skimmed the last few pages and I have a couple questions:

    -Why all these MMA(ss grab) talk and references?

    -What's up with this "beta" trip?
    Happy to answer Erock.

    SUP is a huge MMA fan and we've had dialogue on threads and PM for a few weeks now since the Silva fight as he knew I was into training. There ends up being quite a few guys on here who've trained in a MA or two or follow the sport, and those guys have jumped in the discussion. That includes WC Swami who apparently has reached a multi-disciplinary enlightenment not limited to surfing.

    Beta, well that's a loaded question. I know it's the second letter of the Greek alphabet and although some may beg to differ after trying to translate/read some of my posts, I don't speak Greek. It's also a term used in finance as I've heard my Econ buds say it, so Shredz 'R' Us can take the handoff and inform us of that usage. A friend from grad school did UG at Cal-Berkeley and told tales of sacking Chamberlain-type numbers out of Beta Lounge which must be a watering hole there. It was the name of a hurricane a few years back, letter B must mean it was second in the season but no one seemed to mentio it in the memorable cane thread so swell must've sucked. You more veteran cats likely recall Beta as being the short-lived predecessor to VHS, and if anyone has Big Wednesday on Betamax I'll trade you one of my two copies of Full Metal Jacket (also on Beta) plus a Beta to be named lata. The rock climbing sect of SI can tell us what it means in that sport since I know it's something, but that may invite the next undercard of SI Fight Night at the Break and possibly a main event. My triple X, or Vin Diesel as I now refer to her as (three ex-gf's ago) was fairly obsessed with the Twilight books and would try to talk to me about the characters in the books, some of who "went beta" til I would put her on mute. Our resident Twilight Saga savants Pee Wee Herman (nynj) can come out of the bullpen to expound on that.

    For my usage of beta, it's a simple evolutionary reference to a male's inferior rank in social order marked by displays of subordinate or submissive behavior polar opposite to that of a dominant alpha male. The beta male will avoid solo confrontation and only incite a battle when flanked by an entourage of his buoys. He will back down when the alpha stands his ground. Though they will occasionally challenge an alpha, the beta will quickly defer to the alpha when their pragmatism and instinct takes over.

    Alphas are leaders, betas are followers. Human alpha males stand tall with shoulders back and make sustained eye contact. Beta males stand slumped, act meek, and quickly surrender after trash-talking on message forums once they see they picked a losing battle. In dog fighting, and I don't condone this and only know it because it's referred to in the jiu jitsu community, an alpha dog will fight to the death, as dog fights are like MMA fights and decided either by death of one opponent (KO in MMA) or resignation (tap out). A dog fight has rounds and at the start of each, a dog will "scratch" (scrape it's paw against the ground) to signal they're ready to go again. If a dog doesn't scratch, that's a declaration that they surrender and are the beta.

    Omega is the lowest rank of all in social order and we see some of that here too. Good thing we've got some alpha dogs in the group!!!

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    What happened to the poll on this troll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    What happened to the poll on this troll?
    It got taken down pretty quick. I think it was because rcarter the OP started talking about knifing me or something. Threats of shanking seem to be in style these days on SI after waterbaby started the trend. Either that or the admins swiftly caught a counter-post made by rcarter hinting towards him offing himself after he posted about having serious regrets for starting the whole poll and thread and me not being too bad of a guy. Sounds like rcarter had a really, really bad morning and I hope the rest of his day got a lot better. It seemed pretty bad to start!!

    I was kinda pissed because two of my best posts ever were put up right before the admins took the thread down. They weren't even aggro, they were cheering you guys on!!! Plus, it's fun to see you birds scream and shout and let it all out when you think you've got an outlet to from banding together.

    yankme, brah, you need to (for your own good, not mine since I could really give two) decide what you think of me. You go for months with the sneaky one liners here and there jabbing my way, only to on multiple occasions in recent days mention that I was starting to grow on you. Now in the last 24-48 hours, you seem to be getting negative emotions towards me again. Don't be like rcarter and sway back and forth between a roller coaster of feelings in a glass case of emotion. Be resolute and stick to your convictions. Not convictions like Trevolution has coming up, but you know what I mean.