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I only saw two days like that all winter. We had 3 weeks straight (in January I believe) with little to no surfable waves. It started to get nice again by beginning of march, and April/May were really nice. I still think late fall is the best here. Usually consistent waves, no tourists, spring suits or light full suits, and the air still feels comfortable.
January was ****e up here, too.

All the hoopla of this past winter(in the North) was based on three or four days where North Jersey was good. It was way overhyped. All of these swells had offshore(WSW or SW...YUCK. Give me NW or give me death) winds at 20-50mph, and watch some Doomsday swell footage and you'll see more close-outs than anything. 10 yard rides is not "EPIC."

The previous two winters before last were abysmal. The worst. So people got excited aboot a handful of swells this winter. Then internet pictures show one second of a closeout bowl and people froth over it. It was a VERY AVERAGE winter. Man, you new s'cool kids don't know what a good winter is. Wait to you get a winter that's nonstop from December to April.........two quality swells a week type of sh!t.