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    Thanks for calling me a college boy, haven't been one for a while but I still have my boyish good looks. And jeez... ClemsonSurf.... it's a dorky name but it's the one I got. How would it look if I just went and changed my name?

    I got a lot of "help" like you were giving when I first decided to make some boards. It wasn't useful. You offered some advice and a couple tools but if you don't have lights don't waste your time...? That doesn't make sense. If someone was saying "I'm quitting my job to become a shaper what should I do?" then that might be sound advice.

    You're not a very good rapper.

    Tell my Mom I said hi.
    yeah yeah... just giving you sh!t dude. i went over top there. your alright. expect the tupac quote. nothing like southern plantation pilgrims quoting rappers. im bummed im not a good rapper how bout a haiku next time?

    f*ck, i misspelled my name and didn't catch it in time. hence AtanticO. sounds stupid. i know.

    it was sounding like building racks were to difficult. or lights were to involved. if those simple things are a hangup, how can you make a board? i didn't get the impression he was looking for a career, but being a total hack is a waste of his own time and money. he could by all means, take a little pride in himself and get a feeling of accomplishment with a tiny bit of effort. just don't assume im talking out of my a$s about setting up a place to make boards. i've seen this senerio before. just do it right or go use/rent a real shaping room. too easy. lights and a rack. if he keeps the shape simple it will be ok. dude should know it's more effort then he thinks. but totally doable.
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