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Hey PJB... you know a place called the Bolero in Wildwood? Don't know if it's still there, or maybe there but has a different name, but I used to tend bar there when it was a biker bar. Talk about crazy...
Nahh, all of my Wildwood experiences ocurred when I wasn't of drinking age so I don't know the bars. Jeez, my memories of Wildwood pretty much extend to just log rides, games of chance, Mack's Pizza, Urie's fried flounder, and in the 1980's Diamond Beach had some ok waves.

I've only made a few quick excursions there in the past 15 years. Anytime I traveled that far south, in the recent past, was to hit Poverty. Still dig the area, I just don't end up there too often.

But I do know what Wildwood is aboot, so I can imagine what the Bolero was like. For you North Carolina folks, Wildwood-proper is a working class area that becomes an extension of South Philly come summertime. Hey, don't anger the beer-drinking Pagans, LBC.

Oh hey, I noticed Atlantic0 got the banishment. What did he do? I thought the site adopted a "live and let live" attitude as of late, well, excpet for dealing with egotistical, NJ stock traders who despise the disabled and those that bring the disabled into the surf.

Man, I was watching PIX-11's news again(NY) on Sunday, and they did a story on one of them get-spinal-cord-injury folks out in the water things in Long Beach this past weekend. I have to disagree with Shredmachine on this one - those are good things.

We take it all for granted.......*****ing aboot sh!tty east coast waves, crowds and everything else. We're lucky to be able to live near the ocean and have the ability to paddle out whenever we want to. Good on any of youse guys that bring a day of surfing to those less fortunate souls.

Now be aware, my kindness here doesn't extend to "summer pros" who think they belong at the best jetty/peak on any specific barrier island. That's just plain wrong, and shows either absolute cluelessness or arrogance. Work your way up, partners. Dedication's the name of the game.