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I wouldn't have kept it. It was a good noserider for me (I only weigh 140lbs) but since it is more performance oriented it likes a steeper section and I want to try something that will still noseride on a more slopey wave. I think the narrow tail and harder rail worked against it where as a more dedicated noserider would have a little flip in the tail and 50/50 rails all the way through. Plus a wider square tail as opposed to the baby squash on the Stewart.

I'm stoked to get the Levitator and see how she goes!
I've got a 9-6 In the Pink Takayama that loves lined up mush but turns into a tank when things get steep. You have to pick the right day for a noserider to be sure...did you see the Duct Tape today at Huntington, all the best tankers were there. The boards had to be single fin, 12 LBs or more and no leashes...