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    Wetsuit for NJ winter

    This will be my first winter surfing in NJ. I was wondering what type and thickness would be good for winter time. Please help. I'm 5'3 and weigh 100 lb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfJetty View Post
    This will be my first winter surfing in NJ. I was wondering what type and thickness would be good for winter time. Please help. I'm 5'3 and weigh 100 lb.
    since your from jersey and most likey look like someone from the jersey shore, might i suggest you go travel more north and hunt seals for your wet suit! i think seal coat wetsuit will be thick enough and scare away the sharks.

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    5mil springsuit

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    BCN, why don't you recommend a wetty for the OP...

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    5/3 with a hood. plus, 5 to 7 mm gloves and boots. I've heard of people wearing 6/5/4's but they are puss - siees...
    LOL. ok, maybe they're not puzzies. maybe they're just the smart ones when it's Feb, the water is 40 and the air is 25 with gale force winds.

    either way, you'll need a lot of rubber and a lot of cash-ish. start saving your lunch money, kid.

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    Thanks Salt. I guess I do have to start saving. What's your opinion on used wetsuits?

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    Salt's advice is sound in my opinion. I'm one of the puzz-siees that actually wears a 6/5/4, and wouldn't trade it, but it's not for everyone. I I used to wear 5/4/3 but now I'm less tolerant of the cold, and I go for longer sessions. 5/4/3 is probably a better choice.

    I would avoid used wintersuits. If you do go used, look at the seams very carefully for leaks/problems. Armpits are common problem areas.

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    Dude, get a 5 mil. I'm assuming you are a youngin...........

    Go to a good surf shop and try on suits. Don't spend too much on a wettie, unless you got plenty to spare, if you are still a growing boy. You may want to get a suit that has a little bit of room to grow. You're young so you can handle the elements, plus, part of the Jersey grom requirements are aboot paying your cold weather dues. It builds character. So don't go and get the optimum equipment until you have aged with time and experience.

    Man, 5 mil boots should do the trick, especially if you get the fancy titanium stuff. 5 mill gloves are good enough. But 7 mil boots can be cozy when it gets really cold. Oh, go with Lobster claw gloves, not the single digit things.

    'Memeber, Jersey's weather can be all over the place. Two years ago the water didn't drop below 45 F. But usually it drops into the 30's and can get colder. Hey, the air can go below 0 here. It doesn't happen all of the time but it can. It can also be 40-50 all winter. Ya never know. So just get the standard 5 mil around the board rubber, and take each winter as it comes.

    Yeah dude, welcome to winter, man. We'll see you out there come December. Good luck.

    Oh, try and nab a 5 mil now............if any surf shops have any hanging around they will deal with you. Prices jack up once they are in great demand.

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    Thanks PJB! Good advice. I'll check out some shops around here. Hopefully I can save enough for this winter. I'm stoked

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    Try and then check and see if they have what you tried on. Many times its less and its off season for winter suits.