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Thread: 1st Board Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstoup View Post
    Sooo much wasted resin wetting out the rails! If i knew what i was doing Id of had enough left over for another hot coat.
    better to just get those things wet then have resin goin' off and still have dry spots.

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    It looks fun to ride, kinda like a fat chick. Why did you make the tail so wide? I like big tails too. But I prefer swallow tails (to give a little bite). Have fun bro!

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    8401643_l.jpgMasturbate before surfing, always. It keeps the edge know?

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    I went for a stub/ mini simmons type a look. I wanted a lot of volume in a short board. Cant wait to get it wet!
    Love the fat chick comment. More cushin for the pushin lol

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    I think the board looks killer

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    So the boards finally done! Taking it out for the first time tomrw, there better be a bump in the water. I'll post some pics after my session!

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    my first thought was great job on your first board i dont think i would of done that well second was does kinda look like a ***** lol.

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    Thanks sand,
    It was a blast to build. Going to start board # 2 tomrw. First off though I need to post some of my boards on craigslist. Way too many boards in the quiver, and since I took the plunge I kinda wanna ride my own; so gotta start selling so I can afford shaping.

    Anyway took it out today.Though the waves were somewhat of a joke this board caught them with an ease of a long board. This being the shortest board Ive ever ridden I thought that it would have taken me a couple of wipe outs to get a feel for it; that wasnt the case. Not only does the board paddle crazy, duck dive easy, popping up on it was a breeze. Once up and on it the twin fins gave it an almost skateboard kinda feel. REAL loose yet not out of control. Crazy fun board, going to take it out again tomrw morning. Hopefully something builds. Cant wait to get it into some bigger surf though.

    grebler 1.jpggrebler 2.jpg

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    Figured I'd hand foil some homemade fins for the homemade board.
    Think it came out real nice.