Here in Va, the temps have been horrendous. It's hotter than 10,000 hells. The weatherman yesterday said the temps will drop to high of 82 by Thursday. then said that it's all down hill for the rest of the year, due to July being the hottest month of the year.
I do A/C and refrigeration, and historically, August is hell month. when I first started I had a wooden walk in cooler that was messed up by another "tech". changed a valve with one 3x bigger, then opened it all the way. I put the proper valve back, adjusted it to proper superheat, but was having a hard time getting the temp down past 50. I was discussing this with an old timer who told me, "your problem is it's August, just wait a day." I did and it finally got to temp.

AND another thing, seems like our weather people aren't allowed to predict rain for the weekends during touron season.