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    Storm zone

    Lest any of us forget while talking major storm damage, Gloria did some serious damage to OC as recently as 1985, that's why they built the dune line north and the sea-wall (I call it a wave launching ramp) along the boardwalk as well as set in motion the complete re-construction of the boardwalk and promenade. Whole sections of the boardwalk had been lifted and shoved right into oceanfront buildings.

    And then the simple Nor' Easter of March '62. I was in Cape May at the time and that storm wiped out not only the convention center, but the entire boardwalk with water getting two blocks of three toward main street. My house (The Manse) became a shelter for no less than five other families fleeing the flooding. Ocean City had water covering the barrier island and halfway up the first floors of all the buildings downtown. From West OC all you could see was buildings standing in water. A second inlet breached the sand spit at 72nd street and a bus driver headed for work drowned when he mistook 6 inches of rising water for hard pavement beneath. He found the new inlet instead.

    Bottom line, it's a lot like trying to lock up your car or house so no one can get in. If the ocean wants to get in, those grass anchored dunes aren't going to have an effect for more than a couple of hours, and then we'll all be shoveling the sand out from under condo garages, assuming of course that the condos are even still standing because they were designed with break-away cinderblock walls below the first floor.

    While OC and DE generally don't have as big a target painted on them as OBX does, we're still an accident waiting to happen. Just so many houses built on sand instead of rock, no matter how deep the pilings are driven. There's a reason all the houses in OBX are built on stilts, even on the sound side. Delaware has learned that valuable lesson for the most part, but it seems as if Ocean City has forgotten it.
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