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Any and all posts, threads, or references to 23 feet, Hindus, shotting piers, shotting wetsuits, surf lessons in 8-10ft, overgrown children living with Mom, gnomes, white rash guards, confrontations at the break, three-headed Oceanic forumites, misspellings of forum names, recovering alcoholic opiate addicts, longboards, longboarding kooks, SUPs, SUP kooks, kooks in general, kooks with excessive quivers, Canadians, speedos, Body Glove, spit hoods, barrells, modded streetcars, iPhone 6s, conspiracies, turds, tits, sawhorses, bench-offs, sponging speed bumps, hyperactive posting, royal spawns, pinnings, wetsuit counseling, weekend scoreboards, Jetty Bears, Jetty Bills, webbed gloves, stock brokerage, 14ft bonfire kindling, video game nerds, southerners, VB rats, brahs, bruddahs, brus, commercial hip-hop, pink wax, surfing innovations, not that there's anything wrong with that, duck diving techniques, 5k word posts, short 39-minute self-documentaries, sic, trolls, spam, wholesale beauty products, GoPros, Bic boards, pro surfing, surfing as a sport, Bridgeport, building your own board, Sharknado, surf forecasting, Wave Jets, and New Jersey will NEVER get old!
Unimportant, really, but wtf is yours smack or crank....?