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    Francis Buxton (idiot formerly known as BCN) spews nonsense just to get at least some attention during some part of his unloved existence.
    Francis who? And besides, that's 99% of this forum. That's basically all you do

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    my buddy told me once that guys used to paddle out at sebastian inlet with pocket knives to cut lines.
    Yeah, there use to be a war between the surfers & fishermen down there, I hear it's not 100% over, but it's a lot better than it use to be, I don't make it down that far South normally, but occasionally I'll hit up Spanish House up the road
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    There's usually 2 very different types of surf fishermen. And you can tell them apart by their gear.
    There's the kooks and the real salty dudes.
    The guys that know what they are doing will usually stick to themselves and walk until they find solitude.
    The kooks will see a guy hook up on a jetty or a pier and go right next to them. The guy that caught the fish will walk away cursing and find a new spot. The kook will fish there every day and tell all his friends.

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    Didn't you know? Fish are always biting whenever and where ever the surfers are.

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    Yeah, we had a bad rumble last winter with a guy who started fishing on our favorite peak where four of us older women were. I hadn't noticed till I popped up and yelled WTF, there was a line caught around me. We told the guy to move down the beach. Then he hooked a seagull. Idiot let the seagull flap around like a kite. I yelled, to throw a towel on the bird to calm it and unhook it. He told me to shut up. Probably would've given him a good lecture but his wife was there and she looked rough and meaner than a snake. Poor bird, he cut the line and the bird flew off with the hook still in it's wing. He begrudgingly moved down the beach. Jerk.

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    lol I think we all been there.the worst part is when they start chucken out the fish heads where your sitten to chum the area.i met plenty of fisherman,and im a little fisherman myself,fisherman don't respect surfers,or anyone else on the beach.they look at u crazy for actually going out there.but a lot of good surf spots are plagued with fisherman.just got to paddle away from them

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    i don't surf with a leash near fishermen for fear of intanglement. i also won't piss in my new board shorts. Fisherman on the beach. i piss all over the beach.

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    I enjoy fishing and surf fishing. I understand that some of the sandbars and rips make for really good fishing spots and also good surfing breaks on a good day. It's just really frustrating that most all of the time its the fishermen that arrive 2nd and cause the trouble. Most surfers don't paddle out in front of a fisherman do they? I've never done it. I guess if there was only 1 really good break on the beach and it was right in front of a fisherman. I'd have some small talk with him first and then let him know that there is only one spot really to surf and if he'd mind moving down or up the beach a little ways. If he gives attitude about moving, then you could ask him how long he plans to fish and come back later.

    Here is your typical looking jackass that casts out into a group of surfers...
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    This has been extremely informative. Thank you for all of your stories.

    I'm guessing that my personal biggest problem is that I keep going down to the Portofino Tower 3 because most of the time it is deselate and the breaks are nice for my skill level. I will make sure to clip a pocket knife on incase I get snagged!

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    I've had fishermen set up in front of me lots of times like I'm sure many people have. I usually just ignore them and if I run over their lines, so be it. A few weeks ago after work I was out surfing down the beach minding my own business and I look over and some dude is paddling a bait out on a kayak. I was speechless. There were swimmers and surfers all up and down the beach and these fools (4) are shark fishing. I though about just paddling down the beach but I couldn't give in to these dumb asses, so I just stayed put. Some people are just clueless.