I have read several threads on painting over an epoxy hotcoat but I am still needing some info. I would rather brush on a paint than try and spray it on simply due to overspraying issues and also wanting to match the existing paint on the board. I have read that acrylic paint is best but have had some trouble finding it besides the art store. I would like to find pint to 1/2 pint sized paints for this purpose. I used an enamel paint over sanded epoxy hotcoat and then sealed it with a gel coat. So far so good. A hobby store person told me any paint would work, it just needs sealing. Then I read that you could use automotive paint. I haven't looked around yet to see what I can find. So, I just need to figure out the easiest way to paint and seal my repair and to color match as well. This repair is on a new board that got damaged in the shop so it needs to look good. I put in a call to the board company asking for a color code for the paint but then I realized that I still need someone to make the paint according to the code. Any suggestions?