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    I was driving to Nags and my vehicle broke down.

    was on a secret short cut from Norfolk and my car died. I looked for a "monkey wrench" my wife said she had in the trunk. nothing. so we walked down the road until we saw an old woman watching screaming kids play in her yard. So I said ti her, "Lady, my car broke and we need a monkey wrench." She yell, "I can't hear you the kids are too loud." I yelled back "A MONKEY WRENCH LADY, A MONKEY WRENCH". She said, " This ain't no monkey ranch. this here's a day care center."

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    "monkey ranch". Love it.
    Thanks for the laugh.

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    hahaha awesome. hope to be making a trip down there on the 31st.

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    hahaha...i wanted to write a rebuttal to your story, but felt my response might come off as racist.

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    I love that joke. My dad told that to me and a date for Jr High Prom before we left. For 10 min after the chick was just staring at my dad liek he was the biggest racist ever till we told her it was a joke!