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    Partial tear of the tendon that connects the triceps to the scapula in my left arm. Happened on an awkward wipeout on a head high day in NJ in early October. My arm basically got pulled sharply over my head. It felt strange, but not awful so I tried to keep surfing for another hour and just didn't have much power in my left arm when paddling.

    I rested it for a few weeks and then reinjured it on a trip to PR in November (fortunately on my last full day there). Rested again and tried to paddle out in OC MD in mid December and couldn't catch a wave because it was so weak. I could paddle into the lineup, but any time I tried to go all out, I had nothing. PT got me right and so far, no issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    The use of "Francis" too...
    Yah, brah. I'll take that as a pointing to my use of Sergeant Hulka's timeless "lighten up, Francis." Like not everyone on here has seen Stripes before as if it's not a complete classic and mandatory in the library of any self-respecting movie buff. Like there haven't been several other members use it numerous other times to diffuse an overzealous response by a poster. Plus, it is the property of Columbia Pictures and unless the Kathy Bates of SI purchases its trademark from them, he's mandated to provide a proper citation upon his use of it.

    If I'm to cite anyone for referencing Hulka's quote, it's my father who reguritates that line even more than "two utes" from My Cousin Vinny or "outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes" from Braveheart. We quote movies here all day, every day and it's great. What we need to do more of I'd quote lyrics.

    Then again, you could be referring to my usage of Francis Buxton and unless I missed something where Kathy used it for SI's latest board shaper and perpetual home-dweller, that's all me. Same for Pee Wee Herman. But I have no rights to those names either and don't claim to.

    If you haven't noticed, I've started to use the trademark symbol for "buoy" when using it. NBDC and NOOA may claim otherwise, but credit to Kathy needs to be given since that was high-caliber wit. Given that I've never claimed to have coined it, he should feel complimented that I've popularized it. Then again, it's not the inventor that causes the tipping point to occur, it's the innovator.

    Anywayz SS, what gives? You message me weeks back about NE breaks, and we begin a fun correspondence on sessions, things in general and your interesting switch over to sponging from riding boards upright. I think we even laughed about failed attempts at co-habitation/domestication with former better halves. What's the matter brah, you lose a flipper out in the deeper water this week and have to get saved by the whistling kayak crew in the red and white garb after kicking yourself to circled exhaustion from the lone flipper?

    Be easy mang, swell's a brewing, it's the summah (beers, beaches, and bollocks), and the freakin weekend is nearing!!

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    Yeah dude. I felt the same way. I thought it was something I figured I just had to live with and then I went to that PT. When he popped back in to place the first time it was the greatest feeling I ever had. It slipped out a week or 2 later and h did it again... Took approx. 4 sessions then never came back!

    Not sure where you're at, but if you're in NY PM me and I'll get you his info... If not, I'm sure you can find a PT that can do the same. Or even a Chiropractor.

    Quote Originally Posted by pkovo View Post
    Get the F-out really? I may have to look into this, because I just resigned to the fact that I would live with it indefinitely. If I can get rid of it that would be awesome!

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    Last year during the September swell that we had in jersey. A decent sized lip hit me in the head and I ended up falling on my quad fins and instead them going into my butt they went through the top of the board, but my ass was sour for a couple off weeks with a nice gash. Never had anything that bad happen otherwise.

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    well now more most recent is i was hanging 5 today and started to walk back and i slipped and fell on the board,it destroyed my back..was still riding backwards though lol.

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    broke two ribs surfing manasquan last winter, only real injury when surfing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juliaep View Post
    I had a baby in May so I'm trying to get back into my pre-pregnancy surfing shape. Rotator cuff is bothering me but I'm using some light weights and stretches to get it back to form! Nothing like getting back into surfing after about a year of avoiding abdominal workouts and then a c-section!! Woo hoo!
    Good for you! Wow, you're wasting no time...impressive. Also, congrats on your baby.

    Regarding surf injuries, I got sunburn on my nose today. Might have to shut 'er down for a few weeks to get it healed up. One can't shred gnar with a burnt nose.

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    "I broke my back . . . .its spinal" mike tyson

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    My butt is bruised from a shallow reef

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    I got 6 stiches in the side of my head the other day from screwing around in 2' shore break, not paying attention.