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No, nothing to do with honors girls. It's just that I had no game. Being 5'7" and very respectful of other people will get you nowhere with women in college. F-ing hindsight...it kills me.

Also no, not a former bobcat. I dated a girl at QU for two years. She was the hottest girl I ever met...until I visited her at QU. I went from feeling like THE MAN to feeling just sort of cool. When she visited my school, however, I was again THE MAN.
You do sound like a good guy MA, and you're right...being respectful to those you encounter on the UMass campus on a weekend night will not typically pose you in the best light for natural selection. There are, of course, those super-social guys that act like they're really good people but get them aside for a minute and they'll tell you what their motives are. I've known plenty guys shorter than 5'7 who laid more pipe in college than campus water works. They were just the talkers. Girls love talking, especially about themselves.

You should see the QU campus now. Probably the nicest dorms of any school on the eastern seaboard aside from High Point in NC which should be renamed Jetsons University. Outer space.

Sounds like wifey is the prize which does make you THE MAN!