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    i would like to take this time to pay homage to the best fins i ever owned. BZ rubbers. they are not made anymore, and i cannot find them in my size (large). the ones i have been using for years started to crack and fall apart. then one day i heard about sponge rez. i poured that stuff all over them, in the cracks and around the drainage holes where it was actually just ripping open. it did the job, and now they are good as new. i cant say enough good things about sponge rez. i bought a couple extra tubes for when i need more down the road, just in case it stops getting made as well.

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    over the past few years i have gone through OG churchill makapuu's which are a classic but i find they are too long for me to ride DK. i have also tried the churchill slashers which i was not a fan of, i tried kicks and blunt cuts which are both great fins. but my favorite fin for sponging are the hydro tech 2's.....they generate a more thrust per kick compared to all the other fins imo, and i like the shorter fin length which makes it easier for DK riding. the material they are made out of is super soft and comfortable to use for extended paddle out sessions. they also have good drainage features so that sand doesnt get caught up in your toes. the tech 2's are not cheap but well worth the $$$.