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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    This is a great video for surfing basics, like popping up and paddling. I don't think it's the same video (Costa Rican dudes?), but it's just as good. Enjoy.

    Still had a little costa rica borato in his nose when he woke up for his sesh. Bro is fired up. DL you are on fire today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Cosby's nephew View Post
    I think somebody should post a link to a beginner's guide to spelling.
    I tried championing that on here a while ago to no avail. Let it be young Buxton. It's entertaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandblasters View Post
    lol im sorry dude it was for the spell nazi..
    Ha no worries, had me confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    That's a great idea! Thanks for the input. zakretem zwierzyc wiecznosc Zadrzalam dla Ku z is my favorite!!!!
    Brah, my next peace offering is being sent your way after that post. So choice. Have a drink on me for that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHREDSLED View Post

    Surf Simply Podcasts
    Slam dunk on this one. They've got 10 or so great videos on many to all of the early basics. Watch them, put them into practice, then watch them again a couple weeks later to see how you're doing with them. Do that on a monthly basis for a couple months and you won't be a true beginner by then.

    And to the OP, this is exactly who you were thinking of. The white board usage is perfect for their visuals. Those guys are all very, very good coaches with pure coaching skill, not just surfing knowledge. They kick it to you straight but remain positive and with the "you can do this" message. Have yet to come across something in retrospect that they were wrong about.

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    Is this the Tasmanian Devil?

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    Yep this is what I was looking for ! THANKS

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    I agree and this will be a lot better than me trying to explain from scratch!