in the middle of a waveless summer and thunderstorms galore, reading the "more and more" thread got me thinking about something I saw in the water this past Spring.
And, your thoughts are welcome..

It's a dying swell, about 3 ft., and not very powerful. It's crowded, being spring-break time. It's not breaking far out; Florida beach breaks can have a longer paddle than this day.
A young guy, about 15-16, breaks his leash. He's surfing with several friends his age, so he hangs in the area for a couple minutes, (I'm wondering, why?) and then an older guy, perhaps father or older brother paddles over and takes him to shore.
I'm not sure if he asked for an escort to shore, or just expected it, but it seemed the latter.
But it sure looked funny seeing two people clinging to one board like it was the lifeboat off the Titanic, making the short paddle in.
Call me old school, I can handle it. But I was frikken stunned. This was small, inconsistent surf!
This kid going to grow a backbone and take care of himself?
Or just a sign of the times?
Poser, or someday, pro?