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    Late Leash less exits

    On a breaking wave it's easy to end the ride. i can cut out in front of, over the top of, or just bust out the back of most faces. The problem I'm having is after whatever trick that i'v completed across the closing break. i finish with my fist in the air and riding whitewater. Without a leash the only way i know to exit is a 180. if i stay on the board whitewash pushes me back, i can do a 180 solo board launch, and swim to connect before the next wave. i don't think that will work in the larger surf. so just thinking about a snappy standing to 180 to duck-dive whitewash exit. Yes ?

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    maybe...maybe not

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    Only on every third Tuesday.

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    Try a shaka instead of a fist. Way cooler.

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    when is the bench-off?

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    Why would you want to surf big stuff without a leash? Big being head+?

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    I find a 720 works best. Just make sure to shoot your board directly at the beach 11/16th's the way through the 720. Your board will magically appear back in the lineup juxtaposed so you can calmly swim out to it and immediately catch the next set once you reach it.

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    Prone out going straight, roll it into a "turn turtle", and hold on like hell.

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    CAAAaaaaNNNnnnon BAAAaaaAAALLLLL!!!!!

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    Instead of doing all the spins and worrying about this issue, just wear a leash. Am I missing something here? I don't do airs (yet!) so please let me know if leashes get in the way, or are simply no longer cool to wear.