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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    I find a 720 works best. Just make sure to shoot your board directly at the beach 11/16th's the way through the 720. Your board will magically appear back in the lineup juxtaposed so you can calmly swim out to it and immediately catch the next set once you reach it.

    It's all math: Attachment 8430
    Erockstien knows what he is talking about ya'll. One time I did it wrong though and was only 9/16th's through the rotation when I shot my board out, and it opened a wormhole that came out directly in front of Shredmachine bangin a hindu on a 23 foot Jersey slab! Talk about scary!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcyr2 View Post
    Why would you want to surf big stuff without a leash? Big being head+?
    Quote Originally Posted by Losttsol View Post
    Prone out going straight, roll it into a "turn turtle", and hold on like hell.
    my leash-less comfort level is now in the 3-4 foot range, my favorite size wave is 6-7. anything bigger and i'll wear the King Kong cord.

    turning turtle is probably the best way. i can't because of my own fear rocks and other face breaking things underwater.

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    wear a leash.
    some of the greates pleasures I have is flipping over some punk ass's potato chip and giving it a little nudge towards shore when they are 4 feet away.

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    well good on you for not wearing a leash, those things are for pu55ies. Your problem is probably your breakfast selection, maybe even your attire or board selection. Yeah man, go eat some wheaties, buy like 6 or 8 new pairs of trunks, and all of Dane Reynolds pro model boards from CI. Report back.