It appears that my company is forcing me to spend the month of October in Feuerbach, Germany for training. I am not happy about it, as I remember last October in SC being rather decent for surfing. So I thought that I might make the best of a bad situation, and possibly spend a couple weekends trying out the North Sea surf scene. Unfortunately, I am about 8 hrs away from Sylt, which sounds like the best bet for some decent rides. My question is, to anyone that has been near there, if the long drive would be worth it? From the reports I have been reading online, it sounds like nothing but super short period wind swell, which would not be ideal. Does it get better there? Should I just say funk day and stick to touring breweries on the weekends? I know this may be the wrong forum to ask, but I am not on MSW forums and I know there are a few travelers on here.