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    What doesn't look like 23 ft?
    Do you find Hindus attractive?

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    Do you find Hindus attractive?
    yep. *thumbs up*

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    how much do you bench?

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    how much do you bench?
    thats what it all really boils down to. I actually was just reppin out at 315.... just some lightweight today.

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    Get your passport. Miami is a short flight to many great breaks. Or prepare to drive two hours north. Car loads of cholos are always welcome up here.

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    what is says. the rail 'biting' into the wave face. we all make that mistake of keeping the shoulders parallel to the wave face but that pulls your weight off the heel side rail. by turning your shoulders more perpendicular it adds more pressure to the heel and helps with bite. you should also look at your left arm. keeping it low like that pulls your weight back on your back foot.
    I hate you so much

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    can we get OP a sponsorship deal here? I mean, I have never seen anything so rad. How is it even possible? I'm surprised the camera didn't stop and throw you a 'shocka'

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    OP, tell me one of those is your facebook profile picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post

    Never underestimate the power of the shocker... I mean Shocka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Cosby's nephew View Post
    OP, tell me one of those is your facebook profile picture
    Nope, but I just attached what is my facebook cover photo.

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