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    Punching Latex Dummys in Barns

    so just just got back from a surf trip to deal , NJ

    these was a crazy thing to do since us southern boys rarely venture north of the mason dixon friends jim bob, cutis, and Cecil begged me not to go they said they had things called (guidos) and they dont like fried food,nascar, or guns.i know i was going to go into a dark place far from home, a unknown lan., who knows i might not make it back? and when i finally got there i took some pics!! here they are. WARNING MOST OF THESE PICTURES CONTAIN GRAPHIC CONTENT PRECEDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. i did get a awesome barrel though it was very dirty

    fist pump.jpgneedle.jpgorange3_fn.jpgnew yersey.jpgdirty_ocean.jpg
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