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Sup dude... I don't recall you axing me bout the honeymoon... Must have missed it. Still not 100%, It's between Tahiti and Nova Scotia.
I will most likely move back to NY in the next year or two. Then I'd have to switch again
Ahhh Nova Scotia..........It's no island paradise but there's something in the air up there......Canadians are cool as heck and the males don't wear skirts, well some might.

You know I didn't even read Erock's link, I just assumed that the kid got hit. And now I see that the kid didn't even get munched on, like a bag of MUNCHOS, the potato chips of champions.......

Man, Surfchic, you need a week's stay in South Philly to toughen you up a bit. Then a week in SW Philly, then a week in West Philly, and then finally the true test - a week in North Philly. We'll make a man out of you.

I'm just kidding with you Surfchic, relax. Get a pint of Kasser's premium vodka..........