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wow, 5 sentences and you've shown yourself to be stupid, unfunny, and bigoted. A real triple-threat there.
looks like we have found a jew!!!im not a racist,i hate everyone.i once met a surfer jew(that's how I had him in my phone) right before hurricane bill.this guy just told me he just got back from Hawaii and he rips and blah blah,seemed cool,i don't hate.all the guy wanted to do was party and get me drunk,i think he was gay or something because everytime he called me it was never about surfing.then bill came around,gave surferjew a call,hes like yo bro its too dangerous im not goin out,lets get wasted.aafter u just told me u came back from surfin pipe(it was august so I should've pondered on how u surf pipe in august but didn't know any better)...anyway I blew the guy off before he could blow me and went surfin and deleted his number.that was the last time I try to make a 35yr old jew my surf partner