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    Quote Originally Posted by JReid View Post
    Hey Straws I'm another NH guy who's been looking to get up there this fall as well. Let's chat.
    Yeah, let's chat. Tried to send you a private message with my contact info, but it didn't seem to go through. What's the best way to connect?

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    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    If the local cover band, Signal Hill, is playing, try to catch them.

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    Hey All - Resurrecting this thread that's been dead for 3 years. PA Kook is heading to Halifax towards the end of August for work and will be trying to get in the water a few times. I'll be staying in downtown Halifax for ~4 nights and will have a car. I'd prefer not to have to bring a board but rentals look pretty slim (probably soft tops only) and would definitely prefer something decent if I get lucky and score some waves.

    Still in the preliminary stages of planning but if any of you fine folks have any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks.