well i think that all the smack talking is great. Everyday i look forward to whateever kind of **** i am gonna write on here today and then laugh at peoples replies. A lot of times i will even post some legit info, but for the most part i enjoy putting in my 2 cents on the various topics, and i usually prefer my 2 cents are somewhat vulgar. And oh ya as for people saying that none of this message board nonsense gets carried out into the world, i beg to differ. Remember that bodyboard form from a long time ago, i almost got my ass handed to me for that one a few times, but really for the most part people laughed at it and just told me to stop being a little punk. p.s. if you want some surf info fun, try and find that bodyboarding sucks post from like a year ago, there is some of the funniest **** talking ever in there