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Brunswick County trash... man... apparently there's a nice heroin epidemic going on right now in southeast N.C./northeast S.C. good God she's garbage. notice how everything is conveniently everyone else's fault when it comes to the screw ups in her life. a guy who tends bar around here told me he ran into her the other night in Myrtle Beach and said she was "hot." i told him to get off the drugs.

speaking of garbage... the waves are supposed to be the best we've had in over two weeks tomorrow! knee to waist with offshores!!

You horrible person......

All of Jenelle's problems ARE someone's else's fault. Her mom made her bad. Her old boyfriend impregnanted her. Keiffer got her on drugs. Her new love interests have gotten her arrested. I mean, Keiffer got her in trouble with the law the first time. He told her it was cool to tresspass in a certain home and spend the night doing coke. She trusted him and his judgements. That's Jenelle's problem - she's too trusting. Ahh man, she's such an angelic, darling.

Have you ever heard her mom's nagging voice? How can you blame poor Jenelle?

Jenelle, if you're out there, I love you. And Jersey's been at least knee to waist all summer, in the right spots. All your bases are covered up here. You've been to Jersey with Keiffer, you know how cool it is up here. Plus, the cops up here are used to dopers so they won't give you such a hard time. Man, dope's everywhere now, huh? HA, it's no longer a big city problem........your kids, they love it. Watch out............