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I dig it. I especially would like to attack Magicseaweed people as they are the biggest kooks in the world. Yeah, um, I spent a total of two week there, and really, they are just a bunch of clowns. They all think they are interesting, intelligent and witty; but they are absolute boring, monosyllabic, stiffs who somehow think they are superior to Americans. They're most active thread is a Word Game that those nursing home dorks play..

Yeah, a word game........

Hey Chavez, you ever know a "Fish?" You know with the motorcycle and all.

Bassplayer, I used to shop a few blocks from Synder, on 7th ST..............McKean St. Excellent shopping back in the day.

Hey Brewengineer, do you hate me, man? Tell us who you don't like. Maybe we'll get better.

Ahhhh, this thread will continue on, maybe, but we all know no one will ever come to Atlantic City or anywhere else.

Like, I axed Mr. Sniffer if he wanted to go camping at Holyoke this fall/winter with me, but he didn't. I've been trying to find out the location of a certain crackhead, infested alleyway - located behind a Wilmington, NC convenience store - but Erock won't tell me. I was going to move there. Leethestud still owes me a night of Virginia Beach debauchery........Goodvibes still owes me breakfast........And I'm still looking out my window waiting for XGen70 to show up and beat me good.

But it will never happen.

And that is so sad. I cry the tears of rejection.
I know of a 'Fish' but I remember him hanging around Northfield/Pleasantville more than AC. He was older than me so he's REALLY old now. I was more around the Gloucester City group back in those days